Diane Mangum is an advocate for children and early education.  She has taught preschool for 18 years, is a mother of 6 and grandmother to 19 children.  

She has authored more than 40 stories for children published in magazines, as well as children's activity books and a novel for girls.  For 17 years she has written a regular column in the newsletter for parents at the preschool where she teaches.  Many of the blog posts are taken from that column.

To contact Diane about this website or about speaking to a group, email mangum.diane@gmail.com.

Jennie Brown is a mother to two young girls, an infant and a two year old. She teaches a film production class at Brigham Young University, reads lots of bedtime stories, and takes the pictures for this blog.  She has also written the blog post on why it is sometimes a challenge to talk to babies.

Liz Shellum is the mother of four small children and she is proudly raising them to be voracious readers. She has taught university writing classes, volunteered with The Heart of America Foundation, and privately tutored students of all ages. Liz writes the book recommendations for this blog.